Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf

There is this story in the SMH by Peter Reith and commentary by Andrew Bolt.
While I agree the NSW Govt should see that NSW gas resources are developed to head off any Sydney shortage. Sydney actually has the advantage of having coal seam gas in the suburbs but the Govt has been unwilling to tackle Green and “Lock the Gate” NIMBY’s.
All that said it is probably a sound national goal to increase connections in our network of gas pipelines – it looks like about 1,800 to 2,000km in two sections could join the NW Shelf to NSW. Working out who pays will be important.

But that is surely a longer term goal than fixing the upcoming Sydney gas shortage.

9 thoughts on “Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf”

  1. Well said Warwick. The Balmain coalmine under Sydney harbour was a gassy mine and ventilation was a problem which was one of the causes of it closing.
    In the south the BHP Appin colliery was one of the first in Australia to extract coal seam gas for electricity production. The West Cliff and Tahmoor mines also extracted coal seam gas for electricity production.
    The Sydney basin is huge and stretches out into the sea. There are many areas where coal seam gas could be extracted particularly close to the ocean or offshore and in National Parks without affecting anyone. Not that seam coal gas extraction poses any risks to the the water table.
    I would be surprised if any “green agitator” or anyone reading this blog has actually seen coal seam extracted underground as I have.

  2. The Goss Labor Government was swept into power on a platform which prominently featured a promise to cancel the proposed Wolfdene Dam.

    Fast forward to the naughties & the whole Qld budget is up in arms to build a water grid & a whole bunch of unpopular, poorly considered dams (Traveston etc.).

    The earlier proposal was timely & well designed, but as always, politics trumps common sense & government responsibility any day.

  3. Interesting map, thanks Warwick. I was intrigued to see the NW shelf to Esperance pipeline. I never knew about that, but it’s a long time since I left WA.

    So, gas being piped to The Goldfields and on to Esperance for power generation. Hmm. That will never do [/joke].

  4. @John Gortor


    The Khemlami funny money was supposed to have funded such a national gas pipeline, at least in part


    your quote:

    > I would be surprised …anyone reading this blog has actually seen coal seam extracted underground as I have.

    Of course I have: across 4 separate continents actually. This should not “surprise” you

    The political truth to the issue in NSW is that the NSW Libs see both keeping the Nats onside (Lock the Gate) and quelling inner-city Greens (no CSG) as electoral pluses. I cannot find any significant differences from the previous ALP Govts – same limp-wristed policies, same corruption, same contempt for the electorate-at-large

  5. sorry Ianl8888, I now recall that we mentioned Appin & CSG previously, and that you have geological experience but I do not recall that you had actually been underground at that mine. I respect most geologists who work in private enterprise and have experience underground. Unfortunately, some are not expert in sampling practice and are a little too trusting of chemical analyses so can come up with wrong conclusions. There are a lot of lies around CSG.
    I think that if land owners had some royalties from minerals underground as in most of USA then their would be no opposition from the Nats. Nifty (Wran) confiscated considerable old title coal royalties in the Hunter Valley including some owned by the Catholic Church. If he had not done that there would be thousand of wells supplying gas to Sydney and Newcastle.

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