NT Govt planning a gas pipeline to Eastern States by 2019

Northern Territory fracked gas to flow to eastern states by 2019, Chief Minister says – A year ago there was talk of Commonwealth involvement.
NT Govt statements re new pipeline and NT oil and gas industry.
Some background – The big dollars of oil and gas in The Centre. Then there are the offshore Browse and Bonaparte Basins.

4 thoughts on “NT Govt planning a gas pipeline to Eastern States by 2019”

  1. Warwick, that looks like a very old map. There are lots more pipelines. In Qld gas is supplied to Townsville, Gold Coast & Bundaberg and down to Maryborough. Victoria has pipelines from wells in the Otway to portland and then to Melbourne. There is a pipeline from a new field near the Otway basin to Melbourne and I think this is now also connected to Tasmania. In WA there is a pipeline that goes to Kalgoorlie and many mine towns and goes to Esperance. Connecting to Mt Isa to Darwin makes sense so NT gas can be supplied to Sydney and Brisbane.

  2. Beachgirl, the first link was about a comment from a someone of the Australian Institute which is very left wing and associated with the “Greens” who of course want to destroy industry and the Australian democratic society. They hate the idea of natural gas both from off-shore and especially from fracking. Cheap energy whether for power generation or direct use in processing is something for them to stop at all costs.
    The pipeline to Mt Isa would help industry there as maintain an inland population. Incitec Pivot produce fertilisers there using natural gas for ammonia production. phosphate they mine and sulphuric acid from the Mt Isa copper ore processing. The ammonia is also used at Moranbah for making explosives (ammonium nitrate)
    Looks like Alice Springs paper has been captured by greens and labor leaning people

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