Southwest Queensland heat wave 2nd July 2014

I noticed this aberration in BoM max anomaly maps –

on checking I see that Bedourie on 2 July recorded 19° at 3pm. Yet they have 30° recorded here.
So we are expected to believe that the temperature rocketed 11 degrees quicktime

It just amazes me that such an obvious outlier can get through BoM processes.
And I like the way the contouring maths generates the next layer up red anomaly all on its own.
There are not that many Qld stations reporting on this page – that given BoM computing power and the presumed importance of filtering out errors – a staffer could easily tick through the Qld list in 5 or 10 minutes each day eyeballing for obvious errors.

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  • They did get rid of that cold anomaly we found nearby a while ago. So very good to see how a warm one gets dealt with.

  • Also interesting is the spot on the W.A. map. Not the maximum in that place, the miniumum anomaly map. At Salmon Gums Res.stn. 012071 there is green for 0 to -2. At Balladonia
    011017,they also have green but inbetween the two was warmer. How do they know that?
    Then it gets weirder. For Salmon gums that day they have a minimum of 11.6 which is 7 degrees above the mean! Now this could be mixed up with Norseman Aero 12009 but it shows above average on the data too.

  • tom dundas

    Is it possible to get a photo & a site map of the BoM remote stations?

    Perhaps the Bedourie Copper parked his vehicle too close & refleced sunlight was the the cause ( nothing like an artificial increase in TSI to give you a hand!)/sarc.

    You would have to wonder at the set up where these odd stations like this & Giles seem to be so often right out of kilter.

    It always ends up in the overall data set which is dramatically quoted on öur “ABC”.

  • They do not eyeball for hot errors, only cold errors. Hot errors are not errors.

  • Thanks Wazsah. It does look like i mixed it up and the mystery green spot is nearer to Norseman. Now about the rest of the confusion…

  • Philip Bradley

    That +8C red spot looks to be Salmon Gums. Max 25C that day. Ave 16C.

    That area has 2 climates. One when warm dry winds blow from the north. The other when cold wet winds blow from the south. Large deviations from the average are common. Min temp was -4.3C 2 days later. Only 0.01C short of the record July low.

  • Thats all good Philip but how do they know that between Norseman and the great unmeasured zone to the north east there was a warm bit?

  • Hmmm
    At the bottom of the great unmeasured zone is Forest 11052. It had 1 degree C min with an average of 5.1, so it should have shown as darker green for -4 degrees anomaly. Oh dear ooops Marla Police Station (Number: 16085) to the far east of the great unmeasured zone lost it’s reading for that day. Eyre Number: 11019 to the south west of it had 1.5 with a mean of 5.8 so it too should have been the darker green. I have not checked them all.

  • Map with other sites placed.

    As you say siliggy – Eyre was 1.5 with a 5.8 normal makes it a -4.3 anomaly – as you say should be the darker green.
    Forrest was 1.0 with a 5.1 normal makes it a -4.1 anomaly – also as you say should be the darker green.

    At other times I have seen many instances where the contouring is not perfect but generally in more complex areas where data is closer. In this case I can not see why Forrest and Eyre were not shown with correct colour contours. Plenty of sites further west have minor warm “islands” plotted.

  • Turn the heater up, our average minimum in Broome so far in July is 4.8C below the average.

  • George Bailley

    Nope – no problem there – – seems to be correct.

    BTW Warwick – have you researched those old files yet?