A welter of worries being expressed by worried carbon farming hopefuls

The new Australian Senate is yet to reveal how the votes will divide on this or that issue – yet it looks as if the Carbon Tax will be repealed. Those looking to turn a buck out of carbon farming are making their worries heard, as the ABC reports – Future of Carbon Farming Initiative unclear
The poor old taxpayer seldom gets a look in.
Best to scrap all these boondoggle schemes – the soils and plant life of our continent already naturally sequester the industrial carbon we produce.

4 comments to A welter of worries being expressed by worried carbon farming hopefuls

  • tom dundas

    You woud have to wonder where it would leave the landholders who have signed up & had a “profit au prendeur”/caveat put on their titles.

    The legacy for the kids may be just a view of a tangle of woody weeds too thick to muster the feral goats.

  • weathercycles

    Plenty of green/sustainability discussions newspapers like the Guardian and also financial sites.
    I suspect all AGW malke monty out of it schemes, is a corporate ploy to cheat the masses . But l am sceptical as a new world government is making headway.
    Another climate summit in 2015 to chain the nations to corporate rule

  • Philip Bradley

    Willis Eschenbach has a post at WUWT that shows net CO2 emissions. What struck me was deserts and arid zones all across the world are major CO2 sinks.

    I presume because higher CO2 levels means plants transpire less per unit of growth, and growth is water limited.


  • Thanks for that – backs up what I have been saying for yonks drawing attention to the 1992 findings of Dr Gifford – CSIRO – “The present modelled rate of net sequestration is of a similar magnitude to CO2 emissions from continental fossil fuel burning and land clearing combined.”