Our ABC working hard to harm the Abbott Government that we voted for

I noted this headline – Asylum seeker boat reportedly in trouble off Christmas Island – visions of cliffs, reefs, crashing waves – then reading on in the article last night find that the craft is 300km from CI. If anybody has a link showing track of this craft ?
Now it is 250km. Every day Your ABC works hard to reinstate the GreenLabor Govt.

5 thoughts on “Our ABC working hard to harm the Abbott Government that we voted for”

  1. Apparently they had the phone number of a well known ‘refugee’ advocate.

    That person should be investigated to see if they were part of a conspiracy to smuggle people in OZ, a serious crime.

  2. I wonder if they telephoned Indonesia’s search and rescue services? (sar) – the boat was probably closer to Sumatra than CI.
    If the boat was from India and with Indian nationals then they are not refugees.
    The Oz government should be putting the hard word on India to send a frigate to pick the stragglers up and take them back home.

  3. Pak Lank:
    Agreed. The UN refugee wording wouldn’t cover them, although I am sure that we will be bombarded with the contrary.

    The ABC were still at it this morning, showing a map with a star near Christmas Island. I wonder how they knew where the boat was so accurately? In practice I imagine they stuck the star as close to Christmas Island as they dared.

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