6 thoughts on “Sunspot numbers slide again in June”

  1. Mobihhci
    I should drop in on you at Austech. Been a while. Do you ever wonder if the cosmic ray count is NOT the exact inverse of the solar cycle just what that may mean in relation to the Svensmark theories?

    While it has been a low solarcycle it does not look to have peaked yet.
    At this link the cosmic ray inverse of the solarcycle can be seen. Clicking on the hourly, daily, montly buttons etc you can see the shape of the sine/cosine wave has not peaked.
    Space weather now reports…
    “The sunspot number, already high, ticked upward again today with the arrival of another large active region over the sun’s eastern limb.”

  2. Expecting a double max peak for this cycle as is common for every 3rd schwabe solar cycle

  3. So do you see the 2011 and 2014 peaks as the double max – or do you discount 2011 and are expecting another peak to rival 2014 to make your double max?

    I’ll declare and say I favour the first option.

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