Is Al Gore looking for a high political role post Obama in 2016?

Watching TV news last night at the Shut-Down-Railway Closed-Wheat-Silo Empty-Shops-Town Motel in mid New South Wales it was fascinating to see the confusion in the knee-jerk GreenLeft main-stream-media in Australia as ex USA Vice President Al Gore stood alongside our MP Clive Palmer who was proposing to axe the Carbon Tax. ABC News carries the story – Clive Palmer will help axe carbon tax but courts Al Gore in push for ETS – pointing out the contradiction with Al Gore on an “axe the Carbon Tax” platform. Although Clive Palmer did say he wanted to prevent the Abbott Government from abolishing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Renewable Energy Target and the Climate Change Authority.
I just hope that PM Tony Abbott is not swayed by any of this hoopla – the Govt should stick to their policies of abolishing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Renewable Energy Target and the Climate Change Authority and should be ready to bring on a double dissolution election in order to bring into law all their policies. If Australian voters choose to vote GreenLabor back in to power and keep the Carbon Tax and all the associated “renewables” expensive electricity boondoggles – so be it.

11 thoughts on “Is Al Gore looking for a high political role post Obama in 2016?”

  1. He’s too smart to re-enter politics, unless he can make even more money!

    The guy who invented the Internet is my hero. (sarc)

  2. If Al Gore is involved, you have to ask yourself “What’s the scam here?”

    It revolves around free carbon credits governments hand out by the million, essentially free money.

    Palmer must think he will get a few million for his nickel refinery.

  3. My bet on Clive Palmers friendship with Al Gore. Birds of a feather flock together. They both are interested in the new world government to come and power and influence.
    Mr Palmer poured millions into funding a place at the exclusive world leader group ” Club Madrid” ( secretary general)

    Power, money, influence..Both of them rubbing each others back

  4. Weathercycles- there is nothing Independent about Crikey (they are supporters of socialism) and there is nothing democratic about the Club of Madrid ( eg Democratic People’s Republic of Korea -Kim Jong-Il & Kim Jong-Un, or Democratic Kampuchea -Pol Pot)
    Clive Palmer is fool( a fool and his money are soon parted)who could soon be headed for jail. Just think arguing with a State owned Chinese company and taking their money for election funding; calling Wendy Deng (wife of Murdoch) a Chinese spy etc.
    Clive has shown again that Malcolm Turnbull is naive and a fool. Now he has taken the “mickey” out of Al Gore and would-be leaders in Club of Madrid. The foolishness of Clive will rub off on all of them and tarnish further their already grubby reputations.
    I would say Clive is doing the world a favour.
    ( I said before the election that Palmer was a fool and I certainly did not vote his party)

  5. Gee a dinner with the Minister for Goldman Sachs & low & behold he is äll for Carbon Credit Trading.

    Who should pop up next but the Big Promoter Himself!

    We are not suckers are we!

  6. I guess Gore knows it’s now or never if he’s going to run again. At his age (66) this would probably be his last opportunity even if he has to take on Hillary. Once you hit 70, it’s pretty much over in politics.

  7. I think the RET and CEFC can be starved of funds over time, so while we may not get rid of them immediately we can get rid of them in the end, as I don’t see how they could make any money off their own bat. Other than that, with the carbon tax gone and the ALP and Greens voting against Direct Action, what could be better for skeptics? This is our day in the sun.

  8. The Conversation. LOL I got banned the other day because l dare to disagree and not support their viewpoint. I asked if they were a green, AGW, pro -atheist, pro -gay blog and they answered. YES!
    Just don’t mention your a Christian. You will get put on there to be expelled list

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