9 thoughts on “Great to see Andrew Bolt exposing that more and more researchers are speaking out how temperature data is being altered to cool the past”

  1. ”fiddling” with data that was wrong, no big deal
    ”Climatologist” didn’t start lying in the 80’s – lying has always being their bread and butter

    in the 70’s they were promoting: ” GLOBAL cooling by year 2000, because of CO2 dimming effect” – AND were ”massaging” the numbers as if it was getting colder (they were lying then as they are lying now) . That data was crap – Warmist like to play with crap; anybody interested in the truth: globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/climate/

  2. Great that Andrew Bolt questions AGW fiddled data.
    You have a comrade in arms there Warwick

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