Strange media statement about Perth rainfall

The Fairfax online news site “WA Today” has this article commenting on plentiful rain for Perth and SW WA
Rainfall average under despite deluge – August 8, 2013 – 2:09PM – Leanne Nicholson
Adding to the dippy headline – Included is this sentence continuing the rich tradition in official Perth Govt/water circles of downplaying rain – “Despite the recent deluge, Perth has recorded an average 65.8mm this August, well under its average rainfall of 133mm for the month.”
In view that when the article was written we had only had 8 days of August which = 25.8% of August – yet Perth had enjoyed 65.8mm of rain which is 54% of the August average – it must take a particular mindset to compose the above sentence and headline. How dare Perth skies not open up for the full August average in the first 8 days.

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  • Graeme Inkster

    O/T but
    discusses a place in Iceland that is getting colder.
    GISS record of temperature at Teigarhorn, Iceland:

    Feb 1901: 0.0C – reported Nov 2011
    Feb 1901: -0.9C – reported Mar 2012
    Feb 1901: -1.2C – reported Aug 2013
    The comment “One begins to worry about those poor people in Edwardian times. The past is getting colder fast!” takes some beating.

  • Warwick, looks like KRudd wants more from BoM, another 58 million for more forecasters, as if that would help things.

  • Ian George

    This is what Teigarhorn, Iceland data used to be before they ‘adjusted’ it. All the ‘raw’ data is now archived and most has ‘access denied’ window when trying to access it.

    This graph only goes to the 1960s but notice the 1930s/40′s means are mainly above 4.5C to 5.5C whereas the new ‘adjusted’ data shows at least a 1.0C drop.

  • Philip Bradley

    The Water Corporation is still repeating the nonsense about steady rainfall being needed to soak the ground and get runoff into the dams. While the opposite is true. Heavy rain over short periods produces more runoff, precisely because less soaks into the ground.

    I know Warwick has documented this in the past, but it is scandalous they get away with this false propaganda when they must know the reason for the greatly reduced runoff is not clearing brush in the catchments.

  • Ian George

    Average rainfall for Perth stations for August are:
    Perth Regional Office – 134mm (closed in 1992)
    Perth Metro – 121mm
    Perth Airport – 117mm

    Rainfall as of 15th Aug – 90mm (75% in the first half of the month).

    Rainfall for the year to date is slightly down on average but the number of rainy days is right on average.

  • Philip Bradley

    Also the Water Corporation’s website used to show rainfall at our dams. Useful information. They have replaced it a completely pointless flash graphic. While likely due to the general incompetence of government, there is also the suspicion that they want to hide the fact that in the last several years rainfall has been around normal.

    I also note that the BoM’s monthly to date rainfall anomaly map says ‘This map compares the rainfall received since the start of the current month with the long-term average for the entire month.’

    Which means it isn’t the month to date anomaly.

  • John of Cloverdale WA

    Taken from the Water Corp website yesterday: As at the 29th (9AM) total rainfall for the month of August is 154.8mm compared with an “average” of 133.1 for the whole month. But yet again I hear a spokesperson on the radio (6PR) say there is little water getting into the dams.

  • WSH

    John, Perth dam catchments are being steadily decommissioned.
    Catchment vegetation has not been managed for almost 20 yrs now.
    IMHO the basic reason for this madness is that both political parties in WA are terrified of mobilizing the Greens electoral hostility by touching the bush.
    Remember Liberals for Forests that assisted the Liberals loss in 2001.
    Doctors wives.
    My water series has many articles on Perth rain and dams.

  • WSH

    Just saw this Fairfax media with BoM claim of a “Bureau of Meteorology climate and information officer John Relf said this winter started off with a record low rainfall for June of 44mm.”
    Raindrops not falling on my head – again – August 30, 2013 – Leanne Nicholson
    Yet in June 2006 Perth Metro recorded only 24.6mm.
    How hard can it be for a BoM “information officer” to know where to quickly check BoM data. It takes under a minute for me – should be less for him.

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