Why not let ALDI run the Australian economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?

Since the German supermarket chain ALDI has entered Australia it has been possible for price conscious shoppers to save hundreds of dollars on their essential grocery bills compared to shopping at the usual main competitors.
Australians voted in a fair majority to change the Canberra Govt – yet we are stuck with an often hamstrung or seemingly indecisive Govt – often due to the Senate – still stuck with much of GreenLabors wasteful policies.
I am opining we would be better off giving much of our governing apparatus a holiday and let ALDI manage the Australian economy.

3 thoughts on “Why not let ALDI run the Australian economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?”

  1. While not Aldi brand, one brand government doesn’t do too bad a job in Singapore. The legislative log-jam created by our dysfunctional Senate voting system seems likely to only become worse, with the micro anarchist groupings set to turn the Australian Parliament into something resembling Italy’s farcical legislature.

  2. Änybody who could run a responsible fair democracy beyond the overarching control of the City of London” would do me.

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