BoM quotes Leonora temperature record at a junkyard – JunkScience indeed – anything to beat up heat

Lets be real – after two cool summers – summer 2010-11 and summer 2011-12 – you can not blame the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for hyperventilating about the heatwaves sweeping Australia this summer. They have published SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT 43 – INTERIM Extreme January heat update 14 January, 2013. If you go to Table 1 on page 4 – part screen shot below.

You see that on the 9th 12046 Leonora (at the Post Office) hit 49°C an all-time daily max record – the ONLY record-breaking site in Australia on the 9th. Now there is another nearby station 12241 Leonora Aero and in the screenshot below you can see the daily readings for the two sites.

How interesting that the Post Office warmed from 8th to 9th but the Airport cooled slightly. Digging deeper into the station details – click on the icon map of Australia in top right here – then scroll down and take the link – A basic site summary is available in a pdf document. Readings this pdf of Basic Climatological Station Metadata we find a series of sketch maps of the instruments surroundings starting in 1998. The latest map is on page 4 and we find that between 2003 and 2008 a junkyard has developed in close proximity to the instruments.

Note that the 1.6m & 1.8m solid fences have also increasingly boxed in the instruments. All part of micro-site effects contributing to creeping urbanization. All contrary to the international standards for weather instrument exposures. But no barrier to the BoM claiming another record.

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  1. The area to the right with 2 flagpoles is an irrigated grassed area around the war memorial.

    You can see at the link below that the grass was nice and green, but with the current mania for watering restrictions, I wonder how green it is now.

    Irrigation and the presence of irrigated grass significantly affects temperatures. And if they have reduced or stopped the watering that would increase temperatures.

    Never mind that a temperature recording station should never be anywhere near irrigation.–Australie-Occidentale–Leonora

  2. Jim Hansen, Roy Spencer (and IPCC et al) are all wrong in assuming the atmosphere would be isothermal without GHG.

    They are also wrong in assuming that the Sun was capable of warming the surface of Venus, Earth or other planets to the observed temperature which is then maintained by back radiation being supposedly the only process that slows such surface cooling. They forgot that conduction and evaporation also decrease with a narrowing temperature gap.

    The Second Law of Thermodynamics is stated (in Wikipedia “Laws of Thermodynamics”) thus …

    “An isolated system, if not already in its state of thermodynamic equilibrium, spontaneously evolves towards it. Thermodynamic equilibrium has the greatest entropy amongst the states accessible to the system.”

    If there were to be a sealed cylinder of air which was isothermal, then there would be an “ordered” state with more total energy (PE + KE) at the top. Hence this would not be an equilibrium state, because entropy could increase, and it must. There will only be equilibrium when the sum (PE+KE) is the same at all heights.

    A vertical isothermal state in a gravitational field has less entropy than an isentropic state, the latter having maximum possible entropy, and thus being the equilibrium state as referred to in the Second Law of Thermodynamics as I quoted it above from the Wikipedia “Laws of Thermodynamics’ item. Hence a thermal gradient forms autonomously by diffusion at the molecular level.

    Furthermore, any additional thermal energy deposited at the top can, and will, diffuse towards the bottom, creating a new equilibrium. This means there can be a heat transfer up the thermal gradient if that gradient is equal to or less in absolute magnitude than the normal equilibrium thermal gradient.

    This is how energy absorbed in the Venus (or Earth) atmosphere at any altitude from any source, be it upwelling or downwelling radiation or latent heat release (on Earth) can flow towards the surface, heating the base of the atmosphere and subsequently heating the surface, or “supporting” its existing slightly warmer temperature by slowing the rate of cooling.

  3. Doug, your input has been thought out but sometimes may not be expressed well. I would not quote Wiki (which has biased content and has frequently been edited by persons (eg William Connelly) who have personal biases and do not understand the underlying technology). Thermodynamics is an engineering subject which has been developed and researched by engineers. I suggest that you study some engineering text books such as Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook or Marks Mechanical Engineering Handbook.
    Perry’s CEH gives five postulates concerning Thermodynamics. The second postulate is often called the 1st law of Thermodynamics. The fourth postulate is often called the 2nd law of Thermodynamics which states “The entropy change of any system and its surroundings, considered together, resulting from any real process, is positive, approaching zero when the process approaches reversibility” For this one needs to know postulate 3 which defines entropy.
    Taking all 5 postulates together, many have simplified the 2nd law of thermodynamics to say that in a macroscopic system heat flux (joules/sec) goes only from an higher to lower absolute temperature or if two systems are at equilibrium then there is no heat flux between them.
    Any engineer who has had experience with heat transfer and has made measurements can confirm the postulates of thermodynamics. Most Physicists and all climate scientists do not understand the basics and cover their lack of knowledge by making unrealistic (or as one blogger puts it unphysical) assumptions.
    In my simplistic interpretation concerning radiant heat transfer, just like the “jamming” of radio broadcasts in past military conflicts, the outgoing radiation from a hot body within its wavelength spectrum cancels all radiation in its surrounds from lower temperature bodies.
    With regard to Venus, the Russians actually landed several probes on Venus’s surface. There are picture in black and white of the probe legs taken in the half hour before instruments failed due to the temperature and pressure. Someone has in the last year or so analysed the actual transmitted data to determine that the sky over the surface is coloured yellow/orange so there is some short wave radiation (in the longer light range)arriving at the surface but there is no radiation in the 15micron wavelength range.

  4. From GoogleEarth these pictures show the two sites –
    I have marked with a white X just to the right of where I think the temperature instruments are –
    Leonora Post Office –

    Leonora Airport

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