10 thoughts on “Australia’s Antarctic supply ship “RSV Aurora Australis” – icebound”

  1. I’ve just tipped Anthony Watts on this.

    It will be interesting to see what play this gets in the media. And that stern view indicates they have a problem that won’t be resolved by melting, in a few days.

  2. On Google News this morning there was a story about Australia’s expensive Antarctic airstrip was melting,it has gone now,I wonder why?
    Ed. note: Here is the story.
    Frozen $46m runway melting – October 24, 2012 – Andrew Darby
    Looks like an old story – refers to it as a “…summer-time airstrip.”
    So presumably not melting NOW.
    Looks to me like a blatant attempt to pull out any “ice melting” story to divert attention from the embarrassment of having their ship trapped in ice.

  3. It seems such adventures aren’t all that unusual for the Aurora Australis as we see from this incident early (January) this year.

    DAY 8: 13 JANUARY 2012

    Caption: High and apparently dry: the Aurora Australis in the fast ice.
    Since last night, we have been parked a little way into the edge of the sheet of fast ice that separates us from our ultimate destination, Mawson’s Huts at Cape Denison. I think “parked” is the appropriate word. We are not “moored” since we are not tied up to anything. We are just sitting with firm ice on three sides of us, and a jumble of broken ice and water behind our stern to indicate the way we came in.

  4. The webcam today shows the ship still fast in ice at 9am.
    I like the Macquarie island webcam with the Elephant seals down in front of the camera enjoying a solid relax.

  5. Going by the webcam video they have been delayed for at least a week now – at times they have nudged their way forward a little but nothing like normal progress. Just now I can not open the sitrep page to check back before the 21st.

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