2 thoughts on “Please remember to return this junk mail”

  1. I received this tip from the Galileo Movement

    This evening, our Project Manager Malcolm Roberts, was contacted by the Consumers and Taxpayers Association (CATA) asking people to forward their CO2 Tax junk mail to them (see address below). CATA will bundle them and take them to the National rally at Parliament House on the 16th August along with a video crew.

    Whichever path people choose, let’s UNITE to send a powerful message to this government! It is our hope that ALL CO2 pamphlets end up where they belong – BACK IN CANBERRA!

    Thank you!

    The Galileo Movement

    At stake is human freedom, your freedom, our freedom
    The triumph of evil requires only that good men do nothing – Edmund Burke

    Mr Jacques Laxale
    CATA (Consumers and Taxpayers’ Association)
    7 Hunt Street, Schofields NSW 2762.
    CATA is co-organiser of the August 16th Canberra rally.

    and that’s what I intend to do

  2. I made the mistake of reading this. DON’T DO THE SAME (especially if you have high blood pressure).
    It is out and out propaganda worthy of Joseph Goebbels, and riddled with errors, omissions and false and misleading statements.
    It is a waste of your and my money. The only good thing I can say is that $12,000,000 is probably the smallest amount of money wasted by this Government.

    I have seen more accurate letters/ e-mails from Nigeria.

    I have returned it to Canberra with a note on the front “If a company put out a prospectus of equal quality to this, it would be prosecuted, quite rightly, for attempted fraud”.

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