6 thoughts on “New Zealand snow storms are only weather”

  1. Hi Warrick – I tried to post this at Climate Conversation, but it didn’t seem to work…..

    What do you people think of the reported snow in the Waitakere’s.

    It’s just a bit of weather up from the South Pole. Here’s a Google Earth infrared cloud shot a couple of days ago: i55.tinypic.com/2i22y9.jpg

    Piekle Sr. did a post on this NZ weather event here.

    It’s the sort of thing which was going to be a thing of the past but is these days held up as evidence of more energy in a warming world, a theory debunked here. To quote Anthony Watts:

    Colder winters are three times more likely to be snowier than the median.
    Snowy winters are three times more likely to be cold.
    Warm winters are three times more likely to have less snow than the median.
    Less snowy winters are three times more likely to be mild.
    One way the relation between snowfall and winter temperature CANNOT be described is that warmth leads to more big snowstorms and greater total winter snowfall.

    I just hope we don’t have any lambs born for the next few days. It’s much worse than the snow fall of 25-July. This is wet and windy. Temperature here in Amberley right now is 2.5C. Gotta love the log burner!

  2. I believe that the last time snow fell in Auckland itself was in 1939.

    The good news is that the low lying areas will be spared snow, and only get hail (and high winds).

  3. And this year, Australia had its coldest autumn on record (or at least since 1917). Very little coverage about that – but that’s only weather too, I suppose.

  4. We also received a dusting of the white stuff – on the Highland Park Hill about midway between the Waitakere Ranges & the Bombay Hills. But a minor detail compared to the 8ft overnight fall I saw when living in Washington State. Still – our coldest ever daily high recorded at 8.2c. 36 towns & cities w/out mail delivery. 10 Highways closed, as well as 4 Airports, that’s no surprise as 58 Air NZ & JetStar flights were cancelled. A friend in Dunedin says the snow knee-deep there. Anyway, around Auckland knitted hats, scarves & gloves are normally just a fashion item, at the moment they are a necessity – even inside! My fingers like ice-cubes & now I hear Southerly winds & hail predicted for this pm.

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