It is official from the Hadley Centre, ocean cooling might stall global warming for a decade

Bloomberg news service quoting the German Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences saying that, “Parts of North America and Europe may cool naturally over the next decade, as shifting ocean currents temporarily blunt the global-warming effect caused by mankind”. At the UK Met Office HQ for Global Warming Gurus, the Hadley Centre, Research scientist Richard Wood, says “Natural variations over the next 10 years might be heading in the cold direction,” Wood said. “If you run the model long enough, eventually global warming will win.”
Note: At the Leibniz site, follow link on right hand side to, “New Nature Paper: Will global warming take a short break ?”

Thanks to Harold from Seminole Florida for the lead to these articles. As he says, “UN is waffling and spinning on cooling ?”, exactly Harold.

5 thoughts on “It is official from the Hadley Centre, ocean cooling might stall global warming for a decade”

  1. I agree the Register article is insightful and sound. What’s the readership? Against the background of the recent election, is everyman UK and/or EU waking?

  2. Hi Warwick; I must confess I have been dining out on an old article of yours;

    There is no doubt the treatment and presentation of data, particularly temp, by AGW supporters is problematic and it is good to see the ball you started rolling is still being pushd by Anthony Watts and Steve McIntyre, amongst others.

  3. You are correct cohenite, I do take great pleasure in watching those guys kick butt over the years.

    bill-tb; You ask, “What’s wrong with this picture?”. There is nothing wrong, as I think you know. The warming effect of CO2 has always been vastly smaller than the IPCC has trumpeted and the influence of other climate drivers, cycles related to solar, orbital, effects for example, have always been greater than recognized by the IPCC. What the Leibniz Institute article is saying is that these “non-IPCC-approved” climate drivers are now switching to a cooling phase. It will be fascinating to watch the contortions of the pro-IPCC explanations in the years ahead.

    Gary Gulrud; I understand that The Register started as an site for IT enthusiasts and has expanded into other areas.

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