Greenhouse skeptics alive and kicking in New Zealand

Terry Dunleavy of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition makes great sense explaining the potential costs of Kyoto to the NZ economy in the NZ flagship daily press, The New Zealand Herald.

Read what free lance investigative journalist Ian Wishart says, “THE KYOTO CONSPIRACY How Enron hyped global warming for profit”.

The New Zealand Centre for Political Research has several articles questioning the NZ rush to Kyoto. Just two are, “Exposing the Climate Change Agenda” by Dr Muriel Newman and “The IPCC – On the Run at Last” by Professor Bob Carter.

4 thoughts on “Greenhouse skeptics alive and kicking in New Zealand”

  1. Ian Wishart’s article is an eye opener – this needs to pushed – will do something on the HT site.

  2. Yes Louis it is a good read.
    You should keep a lookout for Ian Wishart’s 1997 book, “Lawyers, Guns & Money”. About corrupt shenanigans in the land of the long white cloud.

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