Los Angeles 5 degree grid cell

We have another example here of the Professor Jones / CRU team from Norwich using urban temperature records  with grossly  bloated warming trends due to UHI's.

The map  of Southern California shows the Jones stations (triangles) while more rural records in the 3rd graphic from Jim Goodridge and GISS are plotted as circles.

The first graphic shows all Jones 1994 stations and although the graph is crowded where the urban stations plot, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see the divergent non climatic warming trends.

The second graphic shows the Jones urban stations and GISS homogeneity adjusted data for Los Angeles and San Diego.  The GISS adjustments are made with reference to surrounding rural stations and like in SE Australia (and many other places), GISS find no century long warming.   We must remember the classic statement in one of the  Jones et al 1986 papers, "..very few stations in our final data set come from large cities."

The third graphic shows more rural records from the grid cell   (not used by Jones) with reasonable lengths and data continuity and it is obvious that there are no significant warming trends in these data.   Both Brawley and Daggett are listed by GHCN with populations of ~20,000, I have no population data for the other localities.

The new NASA satellite image of night time earth lighting intensity shows clearly the preponderance of Jones stations in the huge Los Angeles urban sprawl and associated coalescing coastal urban areas.  Clik on the USA West link, the LA grid cell is just right of the word image in the title.  In the darker  sectors of the grid cell there are some rural stations that should have been available to Jones and the GHCN.

How much longer will the IPCC insult us all by continuing to quote the Jones et al generated "global warming".
Remember that you  USA taxpayers are paying for the Jones team through your DoE.
Enjoy  !!

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Posted 8, November, 2000; updated 12, January, 2001

Warwick Hughes, 2001
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