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Marshall Islands foreign minister Tony de Brum claims “…yet another cyclone. Climate change has arrived,” he tweeted.

The ABC reports – Chaotic unseasonal storms strike Marshall Islands and Guam as eight systems threaten western Pacific
I am too busy to attempt to dig out data on this – make sure you include the word cyclone in any comment and I can rescue same if it gets caught in the spam queue. Same goes for earlier Raquel post. Not sure where the eight systems are.

US researchers highlight IPCC inconsistency over solar variability in relating the post 2000 reduction in stratospheric ozone to the ground level temperature pause

Read The Pause in the Stratosphere by Steven Capozzola – an interesting mechanism to explain the much vilified temperature pause in the troposphere. RSS temperature timeseries show what Steven Capozzola is talking about.
The TLT trend shows the temperature pause in the lower troposphere with crystal clarity. While the TLS trend shows the cooling trend halted from ~late 1990’s onwards.
This chart from report 56 at this WMO page shows how global stratospheric ozone levels have bounced since the 1990’s.

Are readers checking how the much prophesized El Nino is travelling ?

Remember on 12th May 2015 the Bureau of Meteorology BoM suddenly called an El Nino as being on for 2015. I thought at the time it was a sudden jumping on board the El Nino express for the BoM in the wake of NOAA’s earlier determination to have an El Nino. We have heard various newsmakers and groups calling for an El Nino over 16 months now.
Anyway – take a look at the SOI – which has been rising since 26th May. And am I seeing easterly winds here.
Lets just say it is a sputtering start if a real El Nino is to develop.
I am not predicting anything – just pointing out real world data –

December has been a fail for BoM 70% prediction of El Nino as SOI rises and eastern Australia gets rain

For all of 2014 now an assortment of warmists have sounded fanfares about the upcoming El Nino – even “Super El Nino” – prayer mats out begging the weather gods to deliver them a year hotter than 1998. But both the 30 & 90 day SOI has been rising for a month – nothing is surer than another El Nino will lurch onto the stage sometime – just has not obliged warmists by turning up this year. Rain for December.

If strong winds are behind the pause in global warming – would weaker winds cause global warming?

According to the ABC – a recent article by Professor Matthew England University of New South Wales – has claimed – “…stronger than normal winds in the Pacific are the explanation for a pause in global warming…”
I just thought I would open this for discussion here.
Does anybody know of long term land based wind observations in the tropical Pacific.