Progress Bali Mount Agung volcanic activity

When the news broke a while back I started following the ESDM site then there were the many evacuations – then the beast went quieter and I think the Govt said some could return to their homes. Prediction is very difficult. Anyway I thought I would share these links to graphics of seismic activity that look to be updated. I got my links from here
and the first is the well known Trend Amplitudo Seismik RSAM
A serious eruption such as in 1964 has potential to cool global climate for a while.
Karakteristik Frekuensi Dominan Gempa
Histogram Gempa
Indonesia interactive map of eruptions, earthquakes and landslides – has link top right to live Seismogram G. Agung
Last but not least their live – Seismogram page with each line = 30minutes. Swarms of little shakes.

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