Chart history global Islamic terrorist attacks

Data from Wiki – numbers for injured often absent. Surprised I did not quickly find charts online.
So Operation Desert Storm did not trigger much. Why the drop in 2009? Then the Arab Spring did not start until December 2010 so what was firing up in 2010? The initial invasions of IS were late 2014 so the wave of IS inspired killings are obvious and look reduced now. But the Wiki data may be very incomplete according to this StoryMap of 2017 killings which records 7,456 fatalities compared to 466+ for the Wiki. Also Victoria Woollaston says “In 2014, Boko Haram was the deadliest terrorist organisation responsible for at least 6,600 deaths.”

So there must be way greater tallies of Islamic terrorist killings out there. If readers have found better data to construct a chart please pass on. Here is a reduced screenshot of the Datagraver chart from link below.


A byelection for the ages. How an old seat-warming guy from a Govt on the nose beat the “way too slick for its own good” Labor machine and their bright young ex NSW Premier candidate Kristina Keneally who ticked almost every box and many saw as a future PM. Cast of thousands including Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald from their respective jail cells and I definitely saw the Ghost of Chairman Mao. Our PM got so muddled that he went on the record confusing NSW Labor Govt criminals – no worries Mal we know who you meant. Quislings everywhere are reminded that a figurative axe may descend on their neck even in 2017. Bennelong will for sure be discussed in some Beijing circles no worries. Our media so often a GreenLeft sheltered workshop actually stood up at times and asked questions!! We now know that nine years is too short a time for the stench from walking around criminality to be wiped off your Parliamentary footware. I will risk a prediction here – no use Labor sending KK to Canberra via the Senate unless they want a lightning rod facilitating the exploits of Eddie Obeid, Ian MacDonald and numerous other as yet not convicted criminals read into the Senate Hansard whenever the Govt chooses to make time.

World bank getting out of fossil fuel exploration

A bit of show for the One Planet Summit and nosh up in Paris called by Macron. The vast majority of global oilex funds would be from the oil majors. The sum involved said to be about a $Bn would be chickenfeed compared to the drop in oil exploration post the 2014 oil price crash. I read where global rig numbers have halved. All that said it does add to the ever present GreenLeft lawfare and idiot Govt actions against the use of fossil fuels.

Why not the RAAF to operate large air tankers?

The aircraft could be used for navigation training or Govt freighters when not fire fighting. Aim for 24 hour fire fighting capability. They could operate in other countries when called on.

The mission should be No 1 to put fires out where lives are at risk – spraying retardant on bush could come after suppressing fires. The aircraft should always be under RAAF control who would liaise with on-ground fire fighters where the RAAF could have ground observing & communications staff. As 747’s are being phased out of Airlines there should be paddocks full of surplus multi-engined aircraft and spares in abundance. Current expert pilots and crew could be offered commissions – I am sure there is a way.

Who is watching electricity prices?

As our useless MP’s decamp from Canberra for their long and very well payed holidays I wonder if anybody is riding shotgun on electricity prices. I am thinking AEMO wholesale price which 12 months ago jumped ~50-100% over Christmas-New Year. Here are the colossal and sneaky price increases by State over a 20 day period 22 Dec 16 to 10 Jan 17.

Our retail power bills are already exploding. Our PM had a good result talking down gas prices which has helped moderate pressure on electricity prices. I hope the PM makes some calls to electricity generators. Checkout the new improved NemWatch

BoM summer Outlook axed in a fortnight now “lives at risk” due Vic floods

Summer rain Outlook 16 Nov foretold near average for SE Aust. Summer rain Outlook 30 Nov better but already wrong if the ‘Lives at risk’ scare is half correct. OK so anybody can make mistakes – lets check what they forecast for November rain on Oct 12th and then on Oct 26th. Here is map of November rain percentages so the later Outlook on 26th Oct was worse than the one on the 12th. Taxpayers could save $millions slashing BoM budget – we could get forecasting from www. Let BoM do core job of running our weather observations network properly.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations