Japan rolls hand grenade into Cancun Climate Cabal

Not the most auspicious start for this much ballyhooed but hopefully doomed talkfest.
As would be expected green interests are trying to put the best spin on the disaster. Australia’s Crikey has this – a variant on the “she’ll be right” theme.

Fascinating to watch what our standard GreenLabor MSM can make out of examining the entrails.

4 thoughts on “Japan rolls hand grenade into Cancun Climate Cabal”

  1. Couldn’t have happened at a better time. I am starting to LOVE Japanese culture!!

    I already like SUSHI!! 8>)

  2. I have just looked through Saturdays Canberra Times – published by Fairfax (who do the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in Melbourne) – I have seen no sign of the Japan / Cancun story, yet it is a few days old now. Typical of our GreenLeft Main Stream Media – just like they ignored Climategate.

  3. I believe the Canuckies have bailed as well.

    It is a good thing this party is South of the border; that way there should not be too much trouble for the aging hippies to score some herbal relief.

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