6 thoughts on “SOI nudging away from El Nino – spotless days and Perth rain above average”

  1. Hello Warwick, whereabouts might we find an update on rainfall in the Perth water catchment area, including an up to date version of your time series bar chart?

  2. If you go to this AWN map – click on district 9 and 9A – you get August weather from a BoM feed – then click on July at top and you can see what July rain was like for the various stations.

    You can also check station daily data through BoM Climate Data Online

    Then if you want to venture a bit further paranormal there is WaterCorp dams rain numbers –

    In January I blogged this – Perth dams rain data 2016
    on the data shambles.
    I updated my Perth catchment index rain for 2016.
    I have not had time to look much at 2017 but hope to in the week ahead.

  3. The July wet is carrying on into August with many sites near dam catchments getting near 50mm overnight.

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