One thought on “Sign online petition at Parliament – Australia to withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement”

  1. As Australia emits negligible amounts of c02 we have no need to destroy our economy based on a theory. We have an abundant supply of cheep reliable energy in this country it is what made us competitive and rich with the best living standards in the world. Now some of our citizens can’t afford to use the heater in winter and air conditioning in summer, our manufacturing industries can’t compete with other countries which have no such restrictions. The Paris accord is nothing more then redistribution of wealth. Even if you believe in climate change this is not the answer. Even if Australia stopped emitting any c02 we make no difference to global temperatures. Australia is not beholden to the United Nations our government is not making decisions that are in Australia’s best interest. We need to get out of Paris, and suspend the RET or we will end up the unlucky country.

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