New Zealand High Court case over climate

Just saw this on Stuff – First-of-its-kind case as student takes Government to court over climate change 23 Jun 2017 – can any Kiwis translate? BP says NZ emissions are 35.2 million t CO2 compared to World 33,432 million t – which I make 0.1053% I doubt if anything the NZ Govt. could do would affect climate. I wonder who is financing the case – is there a risk over costs? Will Govt. run dead?

3 thoughts on “New Zealand High Court case over climate”

  1. When will this happen here? We have hordes of public funded lawyers who could find a dummy and mount a similar legal stunt.

  2. Roger -it is a lie that methane has any significance in the atmosphere. Firstly, methane absorbs about one fifth of the IR of CO2 and then only at shorter wavelength where it is completely over shadowed by water vapor. Then, secondly the quantity of methane in the atmosphere is about 1 over 250 (1.6 ppm) of CO2. Combine the two and the significance is so small that it can not be measured ie zero.

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