3 thoughts on “How can they spin “global warming” into this?”

  1. Quote:

    “This forms ice like the scales of a dragon” !!!!

    A dragon is a fantasy, non-existent. Yet we are told we have a natural phenomenon that mimics this non-existent shape.

    These people, their ABC, are genuinely unhinged – they really believe that reality follows their fantasies.

  2. Since I started watching sea ice (maybe some 8 years ago), there seems to have been a trend whereby it lasts the summer better after a stormy winter. (Conversely, storms in the summer are highly detrimental)

    So, long before this ‘dragon ice’ was reported, it seemed obvious to me that something like this must happen during polar winter storms (and I can’t have been the only one to think this way). There must be places where the strong winter winds must blow the ice floes together and even pile them on top of one another (e.g. against a lee shore). And there must be other places where the winds tend to blow them apart to form leads and polynyas. In the deep minus temperatures (exacerbated by wind-chill) a new skin must immediately form on the freshly exposed water surface. And it must quickly get blown away again to pile-up somewhere else.
    So, storms in the polar winter are highly beneficial to the sea -ice, while storms in the polar summer are highly detrimental. This must be a major source of sea-ice variability.

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