Microsoft want my credit card number to reactivate Skype

I only used Skype person to person text chat at odd times – have not used it for best part of a year I think – so I suppose I was a freeloading bludger. Near a decade ago I think I paid a small sum to make calls to phone numbers – then gave that away. Life will go on without Skype. I would be interested in others experience with Skype now that Microsoft seem to be intent on wringing out value for their 2011 $8.5Bn investment – eyes water.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft want my credit card number to reactivate Skype”

  1. Warwick,

    I joined Skype years ago to post pics of the first Anti-Climate tax rally organised by the Australian Climate Sceptics party on 16/8/2011.

    I didn’t use Skype again until March this year when I signed on to an International on line language course with italki.

    In March, there was still no charge. I am going to resume lessons in the next fortnight so will see if there are charges now..

  2. As I understand the inners of Skype (my understanding is spotty, I suspect), charges may (do ?) apply if you use Skype to contact a phone number.

    If it is used to contact another Skype user via an internet connection, it is the same as lobbing onto the website here, or any other website … ie. no charge.

    If that’s wrong, please detail why it’s wrong and what is correct. I agree that MS has stuffed it, or is likely to. Try finding a reliable installation file – one has to roam the MS catacombs for a longish time.

  3. You could look at Google’s alternative, the clumsily named ‘Hangouts’.

    Although I don’t think they inter-operate easily.

  4. Warwick even if Skype had your credit card details it couldn’t direct debit without your agreement, it may be an ID thing. So far as I know Skype to Skype calls remain free, to call someone not on Skype requires payment or a subscription
    Now that Geoff has mentioned italki might rejuvenate my desire to learn another Slavic language, thanks Geoff

  5. When I could not open Skype I followed whatever prompts I could and answered questions that I expected would lead to confirming my Skype details. The question re credit card was expressed along lines – the card you last used to pay for a MS product. In my case I still use XP and would have bought that 2006-7 ?? while many were complaining how bad Vista was. So I have no idea what card I used. I am a long term dinosaur and pre 2006 was still using Win98SE to the bitter end.

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