Record cold February morning in Canberra

2.8° on the 21st – previous record 3° in 1985 – I looked for pre 1939 data but a lot of early daily data has not been digitised. Also broke record at Cootamundra Airport 2.9° vs 3.2 in 1998 – data from 1995. Smashed record at Cootamundra Post Office – the Airport 2.9° vs 5° in 1967 – data from 1957-1995.
Make map of minimum anomaly for the 21st Feb 2017

5 thoughts on “Record cold February morning in Canberra”

  1. Cold overnight in Perth as well 10.1C, but just missed a record. Record 10C (current location).

    It’s unusual for the East and West to be cold at the same time.

  2. Three weeks back ’twas 0.5oC in inland South Canterbury at0500. That temp is measured a metre above the ground but there was a hint of a ground frost on the lawn at sun-up. I learned yesterday that 10 km further south a friends pumpkins were blighted which suggests it was colder.
    For us that blighting happened in early January when it touched -1oC and a there was definite ground frost which also seared our dwarf beans. It has been a fairly bleak summer in South Island with a short growing season in our neck of the woods. We have had odd days of temps in high 20s but mornings have usually been quite autumnal.

  3. Do not forget that for the MSM and Warmistas, the only records that count are ‘HOT’ records. Cold records are simply signs of extreme weather caused by Global Warming/Climate Change.

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