Noticing the meeja saying the NBN is a disaster – Did the ABC always say this?

Perhaps my memory is faulty but through the long awful years of the RuddGillardRudd GreenLabor Govts I never noticed the MSM speaking too harshly of Labors pet NBN project which from early days was showing signs of being a shambles of a White Elephant in the rich tradition of say AUSSAT to name another Govt boondoggle whose debts still haunt us. For those not downunder NBN is/was the National Broadband Network – a +$40Billion creation that was to power the nation into the sunlit uplands of prosperity. (apologies to the late and great WSC).
Yesterday I noticed The Conversation was saying – The government should never have built the NBN – At The Conversation the headline is – Why governments will always fail with technology projects like the NBN
Then spending a few seconds with Google I found this quote on The Conversation from only a year ago.
[It is paradoxical that the building of a sophisticated infrastructure like the NBN to support Australia’s future as a technologically advanced country….]
Is anybody else seeing similar?

3 thoughts on “Noticing the meeja saying the NBN is a disaster – Did the ABC always say this?”

  1. Complete shambles.

    They ran the cables down my street 6 months ago. I ordered it 4 months ago. No one has any idea when it will actually be installed. A couple of contractors I spoke to said, my experience is typical for this area.

    My suburb was sub-divided 100 years ago. Obviously, a lot of older infrastructure. Yet my suburb was I think the 3rd to get NBN cabled in Perth.

    Why make a priority to cable an area where they will have many problem?

    I can only assume, because it is a Labor state seat.

  2. Again the MSM is pointing fingers & chanting “BIG EARS”.

    Just like the stirring that came after the conveniently delayed revelations of the Indonesian phone hacking, they seem to think that everybody has forgotten who gave us the problem in the first place.

  3. Hmm. This response has travelled from my desktop to wherever you are reading it, via the fibre-optic cable connected to the router upstairs.

    NTT rolled out the fibre-optic cable (light-fibre as the memsahib charmingly calls it) to my home in unfashionable deepest rural northern Japan about three years ago. Cabling Japan with fibre-optic was a commercial decision. No government agency was involved.

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