My experience with Antimalware Service Executable – while continuing to run Windows XP

OT I know but I am curious if there are any similar experiences out there.

I plead guilty to being a bit of a slow learner when it comes to taking on a new operating system.

I stuck with Win98SE till about 2006 and here I am still persevering with XP Pro.

I saw news that support was ending on 8 April so I downloaded what updates I could that day.

Easter Thursday the PC was sluggish to boot – often needed several re-boots – and was prone to crashing/freezing – took me back a decade or more.

All that was worse Easter Friday am and messages started appearing – one was just a warning that XP was not supported – but there was also one of those MS message popups saying to effect – “we are sorry but Antimalware Service Executable has encountered a problem and needs to close” – how I know that feeling.

I had never heard of that file MsMpEng.exe – anyway, I must have rebooted 40 times that morning and got a few minutes online and found it was a Windows8 file and connected with MS Security Essentials which I have used for a couple of years.

So perhaps it was inserted with an update to MSSE ?

Anyway seeing I had no chance of getting any work done I decided to take a risk and see if REGEDIT would solve the thing. Searching for MsMpEng.exe using REGEDIT found about it in about 8 locations – I deleted them all and XP has never run better. I hope nobody else has their beloved XP reduced to rubble like mine was yesterday.

7 thoughts on “My experience with Antimalware Service Executable – while continuing to run Windows XP”

  1. I have been using Microsoft Security Essential for about 8 years. ANY virus software slows down a system as it must take up resources to do its job. You have just disabled what is left of your virus protection. Maybe should go to AGV or another free version as the risk will grow greatly with no patches to fix newly found vulnerabilities.

    I would have suggested deinstalling it and reinstalling, BUT, with no new updates it is a waste of time. Deinstall would still be good to get rid of the rest of it.

    AVG and Avast are OK. Can’t remember using any of the others.

  2. Oh yeah, you could have run MSCONFIG from the Start/Run and stopped it from running. You might get rid of any other misc. programs you don’t need that way.

  3. My advice is upgrade to Windows 7.

    Windows 8 is horrible. Avoid it all costs. Although I understand they have improved in somewhat in Win 8.1.

  4. Upgrading my perfectly serviceable laptop from XP to Windows 7 will cost more than dumping it and buying a new laptop with Windows 7 installed. I investigated running a dual OS with Linux, but the hard disc doesn’t have enough space.

    Result. I’ve bought a new laptop. Planned obsolescence, and a perfectly good computer dumped.

  5. Yes Warwick, I’ve had exactly the same experience. Very annoying. Out of shear frustration I did the Hector thing and bought a new laptop running 8.1. So far so good.

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