IPCC says it is likely the world is hotter now than in the Medieval Climatic Optimum

I had a quick look at GreenFacts.org presentation of the latest Climate Change IPCC 2013 Update. In 2.1 they say about global temperatures – “They also have ….likely been the warmest in the last 1400 years even if the rate of warming over the last 15 years is smaller than the rate since the 1950s.” Likely is a 66 – 100% probability. So the IPCC re-annoints the “hockey-stick” graph of global temperatures despite the published destruction done to it.

6 thoughts on “IPCC says it is likely the world is hotter now than in the Medieval Climatic Optimum”

  1. Good news. Now the Greenlanders can grow oats and barley again and the Icelandic wheat crop will alleviate hunger. The Norwegians will be growing wheat too, up at Trondheim.
    I must admit I hadn’t heard about the sudden retreat of the Grindlwald glacier in Switzerland back to it known position in 1205.

  2. Given Dennis Jensen’s request for an investigation into BoM & CSIRO, it would be entertaining to get some comment on the record from those institutions on this.

    I would dearly love to see them repeat this line so they can again be formally challenged to an independent audit of their data sets & subsequent manipulations. Where is David Jones when the ABC needs him ?

    No prizes for expecting them to recommend their mates( who owe them a favour) over at NZ’s NIWA to engage in that process for them.

  3. 1. How are uncertainties handled by the IPCC?

    Although both the body of knowledge on the climate system, and the confidence in projections are growing, there are still many uncertainties in climate science. An integral element of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5) is the use of a specific uncertainty language to reflect accurately the strength of each statement.

    They go off the rails in the first paragraph.

    How have they measured the accuracy?

    Answer: They haven’t. Nor have they measured anything to get the uncertainties.

    What we have is an opinion by unknown persons about opinions by unknown persons.

  4. “IPCC says it is likely the world is hotter now than in the Medieval Climatic Optimum”…Just “likely”? Looks like an admission of ignorance to me.

  5. “IPCC says it is likely the world is hotter now than in the Medieval Climatic Optimum”…
    I’ll believe that when I see Scandinavian farmers emigrating to Greenland again to exploit agricultural and pastoral opportunities, not when the IPCC says it!

  6. They claim it was a local or N Hemisphere event (the MWP). However just a layman’s eyeballing of the 40 plus S hemisphere proxy temperature series compiled by Craig Idsos leads me to question their conclusion..

    But there again I’m not throwing out the proxy data series that don’t support a particular hypothesis, just eyeballing them all.

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