6 thoughts on “IPCC wakes up at long last – Biofuels do more harm than good”

  1. George & Maurice will not be happy about that! ( especially George with his Brazillian cane crops)

  2. Warwick – Good to see you, me and environmentalists all on the same side – “Its previous assessment on climate change, in 2007, was widely condemned by environmentalists for giving the green light to large-scale biofuel production

    Pattoh – I know a joke about Brazillians – tinyurl.com/ybakht


  3. That was George Soros & his massive investment in Sugar Cane /ethanol which is reputed to put his rain forest clearing in the same vandalism club as the Indonesian palm oil plantations & his champion of justification -Strong.

  4. I describe growing palm oil for biofuel as the biggest environmental disaster of my lifetime. The sheer scale of the plantations has to be seen to be believed. I drove thru one on the East coast of Johor state. Took nearly an hour to cross. 20 years ago it was all rainforest.

  5. Not only palm oil.

    Deep in the above article about fusion there is a separate one about the rethink of Drax power station switching to wood chip as fuel.
    Forest (in USA) is clear felled, chipped, shipped to the UK, unloaded at special dock facilities, transported in special train trucks to specially built ‘silos’ (chips prone to spontaneous combustion). From there it is fed to half of the boilers in Drax where it INCREASES emissions by 3%.

    The Company running Drax gets a special subsidy for using “renewable feed” that turns a loss into a profit, but I thought the idea was to reduce emissions, not boost them 13-15% by this massive operation. The irony is that Drax is built over a coal seam, which Drax can’t afford to use.

  6. There is also a wood powered power station in New Hampshire. They get most of their wood from Maine where large areas are clear cut. Needless to say, the natives of Maine don’t like it.

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