2 thoughts on “From my email inbox – myths about “dark money” funding for climate deniers and sceptics”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how worked up people get about who is funding whom, instead of what might be the truth on this issue. That goes for both sides, though the warmers seem more worked up about the sceptics’ funding than the other way round.

    The approach is just so stupid. This is a scientific issue to be settled by facts and observations. Somewhere out there in the universe are the correct answers as to how much man’s emissions did or will warm the planet and what good and bad effects did or will result. You are not even looking for those answers if you are worrying about people and funding instead of facts an ideas.

    Second, focusing specifically on the sceptics, it is just so palpably untrue that people who don’t think this is likely to be a serious problem on a relevant timescale are only saying that because they are dupes or agents for evil rich industrialists. Does anyone seriously believe that Dick Lindzen or Freeman Dyson or Warwick Hughes would say something he doesn’t believe for money?

    Plenty of other points but they’ll do for starters.

  2. I’m reminded of one of my favourite quotations.

    “The only conspiracies are those indulged in by conspiracy theorists.”

    At some level the warmist camp knows they are participating in a conspiracy, but feel it’s justified, in part, because they believe sceptics are part of an even bigger conspiracy. Hence the constant repetition of this baseless sceptic conspiracy nonsense.

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