Cryosphere blizzards hit North America

Just a tiny counterbalance to our BoM exaggerated heat wave stories. BBC says – N America weather: Polar vortex brings record temperatures – this map from USAToday National weather – click on National. Temperatures in Fahrenheit of course – 32F=0C

This masterly map of global winds shows the northerly’s cooling North America and the Atlantic winds warming the eastern seaboard and Florida. And what a spectacular North Atlantic cyclone keeping moist Atlantic air flow over the UK. U.S. and Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover – click for latest maps

6 thoughts on “Cryosphere blizzards hit North America”

  1. BoM forecasts of up to 50C were being touted on ‘their’ ABC this morning for the Pilbara. It’s just weather, and a regular occurrence at Marble Bar and Telfer, but they can’t seem to help wanting to scare up a storm so to speak. Worth keeping a look-out.

  2. Tom – I just checked forecasts for districts 1 to 7 incl for today and out to Friday by clicking on this BoM map – no sign of the number 50 that I noticed –
    so maybe ABC people are taking it on themselves to embellish the numbers a bit. Or maybe they are being fed that idea from who-knows-where. As I said on the Brisbane post – TV weather ladies were spouting the “big five oh” repeatedly around a week ago.

  3. BBC piece relayed by ABC this morning “records are being broken as the big freeze… temperatures this low haven’t been experienced for 20 years”.

    I am curious about their definition of a “record”.

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