Claim of warmest July ever for Canberra fails to pass elementary checks

The mainstream media TV weather news and press has been spouting the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) claim that July was the warmest ever in Canberra with a mean monthly max of 13.3. Yet you only have to check early 20th Century data from Queanbeyan to see the claim is dubious. Data from BoM.

Queanbeyan recorded the same 13.3 in July 1924 and 1937. OK so Qbn was no doubt UHI affected to some extent – but probably no more so than Canberra Airport is now. So given the poor quality of data from weather stations – the best you could claim about July is that it was warm and probably similar to a few other July’s in the past 100 years. As I have said a few times, everything the BoM says needs examining with a fine toothed comb.

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  • Ian George

    Melbourne Reg Off had its highest July temp on record. It beat 1975 by 0.2 (max mean) and equalled 1975’s min temp.

    2013 – 23.3C (max mean) 8.4C (min mean) 12.05C (mean)
    1975 – 23.1C (max mean) 8.4C (min Mean) 12.15C (mean)

    So, despite UHI and greater CO2, July’s temperature in Melbourne has risen 0.1C (mean temp) in 38 years. Mmmm.

  • WSH

    Similar claim for Sydney – but shown to be not robust by Richmond RAAF being warmer in July 1975.
    Everything the BoM claims needs checking.

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  • Ian George

    Whoops – that should be 2013’s mean temp of 12.15C and 1975’s mean temp of 12.05C.

    It’s interesting to note that the SOI data for these two particular Julys are similar.

  • pattoh

    If the Ombudsman is there to protect the people from incidental, accidental or deliberate bastardry of our government & Qangos, when is it going to be time to use it to hold the guys from BoM to book?

    The media releases, particularly the quarterly “State of the Climate” & projections have repeatedly been shown to be grossly (& deliberately) misleading & have been held up by the very politicians who need them to justify their dishonest fiscal machinations.

    If BoM & the CSIRO are our attempt at a Gold Standard Science, we live in a very ethically poor country.

  • Siliggy

    Hi Warwick. I would love to see that Queanbeyan data. How can I get a copy?

  • Siliggy

    Just realised that the “Monthly” selection on the BOM page makes it appear! Odd there is no daily data.

  • Craig Thomas

    I see, so because a site in NSW may have recorded higher temperatures than Canberra, that means that the highest temperature recorded in Canberra doesn’t count?

    You guys really are clutching at straws now…

  • WSH

    I see that in Tuggeranong July 2-13 was 12.7 which was = by 2012 and 2005.
    It was exceeded by 2010 and 2002 @ 12.8 –
    then July 1999 was 13.3.

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