3 thoughts on “Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd refuses to answer simple question – takes comfort in 4,000 IPCC climate scientists”

  1. Not yet Warwick; give him time to remind people why he got dumped in the first place.

    After all, Gillard’s epitaph is “She was the worst Prime Minister since Kevin Rudd”.

  2. You did indeed hear Kevin Rudd say in a nasty, angry tone:

    Says Andrew Bolt, the climate change scientist. Actually “climate change scientist” equals in your case sceptic equals denier.

    I guess most of us who doubt the global warming tale have had to put up with this sort of abuse. And we wonder, where do these people get off? They don’t examine the evidence themselves, they rely on their own misreading of often intentionally misleading official material, and they clearly have no idea that scepticism is fundamental to science, and should never be equated with denialism. They are the genuine deniers – they deny the hard evidence we put up, and they even deny our right to an opinion – an almost incredibly unscientific position.

    They are, however, living in a dream world as far as “the science” is concerned. By now it is obvious to anyone who has been following closely – including the top bananas in the IPCC – that climate sensitivity has been overestimated. And all the disaster scenarios and all the policy urgency about emission cuts are based on this high sensitivity which no one competent believes in any more.

    Still, it’s hard to predict how all this will end. If temperatures pick up sharply in the next five years or so, the gravy train may be able to roll on. It has colossal momentum, and millions of jobs rely on it around the world. But if temperatures stay flat, and government budgets remain tight, surely it will occur to some politicians that they can just call this for the non-problem it is, and stop taxing and regulating our economies into permanent recession in order to “fight climate change”?

  3. My comment over at Joanne Nova’s blog has more detail. In brief, Andrew Bolt let Kevin Rudd get away with blatant errors and misleading statements about the IPCC, the “4000 scientists”, CSIRO and the reason why we should take their word as an authority.

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