Reminder of the wild prediction NASA made in 2006 about the current Solar Cycle 24

A reader sent me this priceless NASA prediction of a “…30% to 50% stronger…” Solar Cycle 24. A timely reminder of how wrong these highly paid experts and huge taxpayer funded organizations can be. Somebody might have a URL to a chart showing the several NOAA/NASA failed predictions of the last half decade.
Readers can check my Solar category and you will see posts going back to late 2006 that have stood the test of time.
Readers can plot for themselves on this first chart of sunspot numbers since 1750 – just how wrong NASA were in 2006.

This chart of mine shows latest monthly numbers through February 2013.

One thought on “Reminder of the wild prediction NASA made in 2006 about the current Solar Cycle 24”

  1. Priceless indeed. Two NASA experts disagree in 2006 and they both turn out to be wrong by about as much as is humanly possible.

    Dikpati predicts this sunspot peak will be 30-50% higher than the previous one – and it turns out 50% lower.

    Hathaway says he’s confident the peak will be early, in 2010 – and it turns out late, in 2013.

    Nice blink graph if you scroll down here showing the “minor adjustment” in Hathaway’s prediction of the smoothed sunspot number: from 150 in 2007 to under 70 in 2010.

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