Professor Stephan Lewandowsky believes satellite temperature data “…yield precisely the same result…” as “surface-based thermometers”.

In May 2010 Professor Lewandowsky stated on the Australian ABC online The Drum – “The further fact that the satellite data yield precisely the same result without any surface-based thermometers is of no relevance to climate “sceptics.”
Just checkout the very real trend differences between satellites and surface that I found in April 2012. “You know how the warmists parrot on that “satellites agree with surface temperatures” – not any more – they should check the data.”
Here are the two Tables from my April post.

5 thoughts on “Professor Stephan Lewandowsky believes satellite temperature data “…yield precisely the same result…” as “surface-based thermometers”.”

  1. One intrepid blogger has been on Lewandowsi’s tail for some time, and even has video footage of his sophomoric frothing about evil sceptics – see that and multiple articles by the inimitable Prof Bunyip here.

    The Bunyip was greatly chuffed to have gulled Lewandowski with the elaborate hoax Alene Composta (A Link Imposter). You would think anyone conned by this ridiculous literary farce would pull his head in for a while, and perhaps even consider whether his BS meter was correctly adjusted, but no such luck it seems.

  2. David Brewer: Lewandowski is a common polish name, but it’s spelt Lewandowsky in WA.

    O/T but Lewnie’s efforts have resulted in him making a late entry into Pointman’s Climate Prat of the Year poll. Running last, but it’s early days and with the evidence of what he can do, a late finishing sprint will boost his position.

    For what it is worth Australia has collected over 50% of the votes, mostly through Flannery and Julia, but with backup from the Lewnie.

    There could be a book about this race, probably entitled Poor Fella, My Country.

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