David Archibald solar paper now on YouTube

David Archibald can be seen and heard on YouTube talking about his 4 Part paper “Past & Future Climate change”.

I have several Blog posts drawing attention to David’s important prediction that Solar Cycle 24 would be delayed, shorter than other major climate groups (NASA, NOAA) were saying and could in his opinion lead to a cooling climate.

On December 16 I drew attention to;
Contrasting forecasts for Solar Cycle 24

then a couple of months later I posted
Has anybody seen any recent sunspots ? February 23rd, 2007

Then on March 27 I posted David Archibald’s new paper predicting global cooling ahead;
The Past and Future of Climate

Solar Cycle 23 not ending yet
July 6th, 2007 Download a PowerPoint presentation of David Archibald’s latest edit of his paper, “The Past and Future of Climate” presented at the Lavoisier Conference in Melbourne June 2007.

Still on solar issues. Exactly where Lockwood and Fröhlich are wrong

7 thoughts on “David Archibald solar paper now on YouTube”

  1. It won’t take long to find out if David Archibald is right or not. It should be clear by the end of 2008.

    BTW, a couple of very interesting comments by audience members at the end of part 4.

    And also BTW, Perth had its coldest December minimum on record a couple of days ago. Also record cold temps in Asia, N America and New Zealand in the same week (see Icecap). The next few months should be interesting.

  2. Brilliant euphamism for the (horrible) Dark Ages Cold Period – “Era Of Human Migrations” (especially Hunish hoardes).

  3. In the spring of 2007, following Steyn’s GW column citing the DeJager, Usoskin paper, I singled out David’s spring 2007 offering as “a seminal distillation” with my first and only letter to Mark Steyn. Wondering why David’s not famous already..perhaps I should have put the link at the top, ahead of my own thoughts?

  4. NASA’s Space and Science Research Center released this on Jan 2 08


    in which they say in essence that within the next three years we are likely to see the start of “a long lasting cold era” and give a 90% certainty rating !
    Dr Landscheidt would certainly have been pleased to be vindicated.

  5. Oh, I wonder what Gavin from NASA and RC thinks of this, he once dismissed Dr Landscheidt as an Astrologer, as the good doctor once studied it.

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