Is the Great Barrier Reef threatened by global warming ?

On the night of the Australian Federal Election 24 November 2007 Treasurer Elect Wayne Swan was heard to say on Channel 9 TV that the swing to the ALP in electorates along the Queensland coast was due in part to “global warming threatening the Great Barrier Reef (GBR)”.
Willis Is temperatre trend
Here is the temperature trend for Willis Island, site of a weather station in the Coral Sea just over 400 kms easterly from Cairns. The Liberal Senator Helen Coonan tried bravely to swim against the tide and hinted at complex scientific issues that had to be understood but her effort was swept aside.

Does anyone seriously think the GBR could be “threatened by global warming”, when the Willis island data shows no trend since WWII ?
How do such fairy stories pass as fact and become part of national mass belief ?

9 thoughts on “Is the Great Barrier Reef threatened by global warming ?”

  1. The data doesn’t show any warming – but it therefore needs to be adjusted to reflect the “homogeneity” due to the Willis Islanders’ extensive use of Hummers.
    The NOAA adjustments are shown in red in this image – warming achieved !

  2. (sarcasm)How dare you try to confuse me with the facts! A typical capitalist pig, sexist, racist, fascist, Neo Con / theocon, big oil, big coal trick! (/sarcasm)

  3. I did hear that news on ABC radio, mainly arm waving speculations dressed up to sucker the public.
    The subject matter of my post is evidence for temperature change in the region of the GBR and that evidence says Global Warming is not happening near the GBR.
    I am sorry if you are shocked by listening to dodgy news items and then being worried by that.

  4. Their model shows CO2 acidification of the ocean will kill the Great Barrier Reef.

    Whereas, experimental data says (proves) CO2 increase has no effect on coral growth.

    Take your pick: Real world data or virtual world Playstation science.

  5. Isn’t the issue for the purported GBR threat the indirect effect of cliamte change on the WATER temp, as a result of changing air temp.?

  6. Simple: El Nino effect WHICH is TAKEN into account by the IPCC!!!!


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