Australian Govt. electioneering squanders $198,100 of taxpayer money to save $2648 worth of water each year.

And this is only in one Perth electorate where they have no hope of winning !!

A mailed election flyer from the Liberals in the seat of Brand based on coastal town Rockingham 50 kms south of Perth crowed about ~$50,000 grants for 4 water saving projects. But when you cost the water saved, at the cost of desalinated seawater currently being produced by the Kwinana desal plant (KDP) which is $1.20 per thousand litres (kilolitre), the total cost is only $2648.

[Note for US readers, in Australia the Liberals are on the conservative side of politics, not like your left of centre USA liberals.]

The figures would look worse if I used the average cost of scheme water to the WA Govt meaning water from dams, underground, water trading and desalination. The cost would be about half of the $1.20 per kilolitre.

It hardly seems possible that such utter ignorance could be running the nation.

Details of the 4 grants:

  • $49,000 to save 400,000 litres PA at Casuarina Nursery, Desal water cost, $480
  • $49,500 to save 463,200 litres PA at Greenfields Primary School, $556
  • $49,600 to save 1,136,000 litres PA at Frederick Irwin Anglican School, $1363
  • $50,000 to save 207,200 litres PA at Tranby College, $249

I emailed the local Liberal candidate Phil Edman but got no reply. I read where if Labor win they will spend $20Million on a centre for water excellence.

Another bad joke on Australian taxpayers.

4 thoughts on “Australian Govt. electioneering squanders $198,100 of taxpayer money to save $2648 worth of water each year.”

  1. What makes the comparison even worse is Perth sits on a huge shallow aquifer. Drill down 50 meters pretty much anywhere in Perth and you get an almost unlimited supply of water for free. That’s why all the ovals in Perth are always nice and green – abundant bore water.

    Bore water isn’t potable (at least not without treatment), but I bet those water ‘saving’ schemes aren’t supplying drinking water either.

  2. Well, now the crypto Marxists have tricked voters (not to mention the innate stupidity of 80% of the electorate) and things will go to hell in a handbasket.

    Look for a repeat performance in the US next year.

    Woe unto Western Civilisation.

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