BoM summer outlooks – hopeless again

This summer has been cooler than average across vast areas of Australia. Which has been a surprise to the BoM.
The BoM 3 month summer temperature outlooks were issued in November – actual daytime temperature anomalies were cooler over vastly more area of Australia than the BoM predicted. The actual warmth along the Perth to Pilbara coast and Sth Aust & Vic turned out to be miniscule compared to the BoM predictions. Ditto for the Far North which turned out near average. The BoM scores some marks for their Eastern and Central Australian cool predict but all of their hot predictions turned out cooler and smaller.

The minimum (nightime) result is even worse than for the daytime – readers can see the actual sea of green for themselves.

And of course there is the National Nightime Hotspot again (marked N), evidence of a severe flaw in the BoM data that they seem incapable of understanding. Note the BoM has hardly commented on our cool summer – La Nina they would say.

5 thoughts on “BoM summer outlooks – hopeless again”

  1. Wonder if that now means that they will finally stop using the IPCC computer models now?
    Note from Editor: Sorry GK – it takes more than years of failures to turn around the Aircraft Carrier BoM. There have been published papers showing their models are useless. I am not sure how their medium range weather models relate to the IPCC GCM’s – but it seems clear that they all mostly fail – at huge cost to us taxpayers. I suggest people write to their MP’s – feel free to quote my pages.

  2. My guess is that someone will look at those maps and say “close enough” or even praise them for being “successful”. Mark my words.
    Editors note: I try to be fair in saying where the BoM has a win. People are welcome to differ with my assessment as long as they remain civil.

  3. I’m sure we all recall the Darwin temperature data manipulation fraud. It seems GISS and GHCN have been caught out again, this time “correcting” the naughty “lying” raw data for the Arctic. Ed Caryl at NoTricksZone explains.

    Never fear, I’m confident that once the Brown/Conroy, Media Control Act becomes law Australians will no longer see the corruption of climate science such as we’ve witnessed over the last 20 years or so?

  4. Bob, your last sentence is especially true with Conroy in charge of content on the Nationalised Broadband Network. Most will remember how the Egyptian Government cutt off mobile phone communicatiosn during their conflict. I wonder how ling until an Australian governbment decides it is time to “prevent people being misinformed by communications content travelling on the NBN”

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