Rhodes Fairbridge and the idea that the solar system regulates the Earth’s climate.

In line with our several articles exploring the solar / climate connection I am posting this paper by Richard Mackey taking a look back at some of the lifetime accomplishments of Australian geo-scientist, Rhodes Fairbridge.

MACKEY, R., 2007. Rhodes Fairbridge and the idea that the solar system regulates the Earth’s climate. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 50 (Proceedings of the 9th International Coastal Symposium), 955 – 968. Gold Coast, Australia, ISSN 0749.0208


Rhodes Fairbridge died on 8th November, 2006. He was one of Australia’s most accomplished scientists and has a special connection with Australia. In July, 1912 his father Kingsley established Fairbridge Village near Perth. It contains a chapel of elegant simplicity designed by one of the world’s most famous architects of the time, Sir Herbert Baker, as a labour of love to commemorate Kingsley.

Rhodes is one of the few scientists to research the sun/climate relationship in terms of the totality of the sun’s impact on the earth (i.e. gravity, the electromagnetic force and output and their interaction). When the totality of the sun’s impact is considered, having regard to the relevant research published over the last two decades, the influence of solar variability on the earth’s climate is very strongly non-linear and stochastic.

Rhodes also researched the idea that the planets might have a role in producing the sun’s variable activity. If they do and if the sun’s variable activity regulates climate, then ultimately the planets may regulate it. Recent research about the sun/climate relationship and the solar inertial motion (sim) hypothesis shows a large body of circumstantial evidence and several working hypotheses but no satisfactory account of a physical sim process.

In 2007 Ulysses will send information about the solar poles. This could be decisive regarding the predictions about emergent Sunspot Cycle No 24, including the sim hypothesis. According to the sim hypothesis, this cycle should be like Sunspot Cycle No 14, and be followed by two that will create a brief ice age. During the 1920s and ‘30s Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology published research about the sun/climate relationship, especially Sunspot Cycle No 14, showing that it probably caused the worst drought then on record.

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2 thoughts on “Rhodes Fairbridge and the idea that the solar system regulates the Earth’s climate.”

  1. Warwick, note that on page 962 there is a reference to Cliverd 2006. Go to the literature cited on page 964 and there is no Cliverd. The actual reference is Clilverd.

  2. Rhodes Fairbridge was a genius, I can only imagine what was left undone by him; after reading the bunk from the IPCC, I nearly needed medical attention from laughing so hard. If I achieve 1/10th of 1% of his level of scientific research in my lifetime, I will gladly pass away a happy person. After reading the abstract on solar cycles, I went toe-to-toe with my professors at college and they could not defend their “global warming” story anymore. The world was cut short with his passing.

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