Australian Government understating Perth catchment rain

Following above average rain in May-June-July over Perth dam catchments I was puzzled that I had seen an Australian Govt Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) rep speaking on TV late in July saying that while July rain was good May had been dry and June very dry.

In fact long term stations representative of the catchments region received a solid 108% of the May-June-July rain averaged over the last 32 years. This will not be reported in the media.

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3 thoughts on “Australian Government understating Perth catchment rain”

  1. I remember hearing Agriculture Dept staff in talks to Graziers / Farmers saying that it was important to use the 30 year rainfall averages. They explained how the pre 1970’s wet years were irrelevant to farm planning now. None of the sudience questioned that. If people on the land can get that logical message, why can’t water planners and Govt ?

  2. The Water Corporation tracks rainfall at each of its dams. With the exception of Stirling they are all close to their historical year to date totals. So this year’s rainfall is average to a little above average at the dams.

    BTW, I recall the WC averages don’t go back that far – 11 years comes to mind. So the BoM averages may be higher based on longer records.

  3. Yes Philip your are right, the WA Govt rain data at their dams starts about a decade ago so is near impossible to relate to longer term trends. They could publish something about long term trends using BoM data but choose not to. My web page above now incorporates the BoM 1st May to 31st July rainfall deciles map and the contrast with actual rain from my catchment rain index from 3 stations, Mundaring, Karnet and Dwellingup, is even more glaring.
    Watch for more fireworks here as August rain has also been above the long term average in those 3 stations.

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