Another bumper wheat harvest for Australia

In 2005 I asked Are Martians growing Australian wheat ?. Then a year ago I posted – Australian wheat crop history does not shout “worst drought ever”

The point of this article is to recycle this very direct chart from “The Australian” which highlights the fact that out of the last 11 years, three have produced poor crop levels but eight have produced very good crops.

Australian wheat crop history
Australian wheat crop history

Thousands of knee jerk main stream media articles over the years claiming, worst drought ever, worst drought in 100 years, a decade of drought, ten years of drought, you have heard them all – are shown to be dubious. There has obviously been a lot of fairly average rain over the last 11 years to grow all this wheat.

It is truly amazing that such a simple phenomena as rain is subject to so much main stream media mis-reporting and lies.

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  1. This year will have the same problem as last year too much rain around harvest time.

    The six-fold rise in feed wheat inventories reflects harvest rains last year which forced the downgrade of swathes of the crop from milling standards, means feed grain prices are “likely to remain weak compared to high protein milling wheat supplies”.

    If this year suffers another wet harvest, “which some weather forecasts suggest is possible, Australian feed grain markets will become saturated”, he added.

    Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology on Tuesday said that the rest of 2011 looked likely to be wet in many parts of the country, and rains are already delaying harvest in parts of Western Australia.

    There have been heavy rains across the entire WA wheatbelt in the last 3 days, with more rain due today.

    I some how doubt, we will see the following headline anytime soon.

    Our Wetter Climate Threatens Future of Wheat Growing in Western Australia

  2. The just collapsed MF Global originated the Western Australia Wheat Futures contract and were apparently heavy traders of Australian Wheat Futures.

  3. Official: MF Global admitted using client money
    Reading down – the critical point was that they – “MF Global bet $6.3 billion on debt issued by Italy, Spain and other European nations with troubled economies. Those bonds have lost value in recent weeks as fears have intensified that some European countries might default.”

  4. At first glance the minimum yield years are also of possible interest.
    81 just after St. Helens June 80
    83 El Chichon April 82, Mt Galunggung 82
    92 after Pinatubo June 91
    95 Montserrat
    03 Mt. Etna Oct. 02, Yasur 10-11,02
    07 Mayon 06 and 3 in Kamchatka peminsula
    08 Mayon 08 Chaiten

    I realize that there is always a volcano (or two) going off at any time, and that activity and number has been increasing for decades, but it seems that enough w dust/sulphur compounds could build up in the stratosphere in some years to affect the following year’s yield.

    Obviously the Federal Gov. needs to introduce a volcano tax to prevent Mt. Gambier erupting, and give a lead to other nations.

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