Canberra Airport scores a 54 year record for cold May mornings

Today the 29th of May – Canberra Airport minimum temperature went under 0 degrees for the nineteenth day this month.

This exceeds the 18 days under zero which were recorded in May of 1959 and 1961. The record standing now is from 1957 which had 27 days with minimums under zero. Data at Canberra Airport station # 70014 starts in 1939.

I understand this is weather not climate but we all know how the BoM trumpets any warm record it can in the main stream media – so we will be interested to see what the BoM says after the month ends. And we must remember this cold record was set despite the ever increasing Canberra urban heat island.

8 thoughts on “Canberra Airport scores a 54 year record for cold May mornings”

  1. Here in Broome, our minimum for the last 4 days has been between 5C and 7.4C lower than the long term mean as well, but, thank goodness, bit warmer than Canberra! I see Louis Hissink is suggesting higher CO2 means colder. I am tending to agree.

  2. Quite a record in Canberra – although I see it just snuck in by skin of teeth on Sunday morn. Itching for the month to rollover and see how the Autumn Outlook turned out. It is easy for Cate with her $50million’s to posture and be holier than thou – all those frequent flyer miles – all those C emissions.

  3. Regarding Cate Blanchette who is telling Aussie families to “pay up”. I have to agree with The Australian Family Association who notes how out of touch she is…”It’s nice to have a multi-millionaire who won’t be impacted by it telling you how great it is”…today’s NZ Herald. All quiet over here on ETS, hard to believe it could go ahead considering the recent catastrophes, not to forget the tree-huggers stopping mining exploration as well as now coating themselves with fake oil to try to stop offshore drilling. What next! whingeing about the invention of the wheel? Saturday’s March down Queen St Auckland was protesting the latest Budget that just came out….Go Figure !

  4. To go along with your ‘this is weather, not climate’, the last 12 months has also been quite cool.
    Australian maximum mean temperatures for winter and spring 2010, and for summer 2010/11 have all been below average.
    Except for January, all months this year have had below average maximum temperatures with Feb being the 5th coldest, March the coldest and April the 14th coldest since 1950. With a cold May, we could experience one of the coldest autumns on record.
    Also, 2010 was the 3rd wettest year on record, making the decade 2001-2010 the second wettest decade on record (after the 1970s).

  5. I see the BoM say that Australia has had the coolest Autumn since “at least 1950” which is a 61 year record. I see they opine that possibly 1917 is the next coolest Autumn after 2011 – “Newly digitised data available to the Bureau suggest that 1917 was cooler than 2011, and 1929, 1946 and 1949 were similar, but are not included in routine analyses at this time.”
    If so – that would be a 94 year record. And of course as usual – they never consider the UHI contamination in their data.

  6. Ah, the temperatures prior to 1950 that the BOM claimed were ‘dodgy’ due to poor recording, etc, dropping the raw data temps of many stations by up to 0.7C on their high-quality climate sites.

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