9 thoughts on “The Greens are taking us back to the Stone Age – OK !”

  1. Well Warwick at least we will all be able to keep using our eco friendly biomass energy converters to stay warm now that the eco fascists are banning those smokey polluting wood fires. I must sharpen my 2 stroke bio-mass harvester.

  2. Yes the UN’s position on wood charcoal and dung makes about as much sense as the promotion of bio-fuels that involve the massively inefficient process of converting crops into fuel.
    Yet another factor that we can expect to become a big problem is disease associated with the spread of deadly bacteria associated with the “organic” food fad of our Socialist/Green rulers.

  3. Gee Warwick

    I just cant wait to see some journo ask SHY about her poll!

    Sadly I don’t think she would have the front to field the question from Bolt or Jones though. I can only dream.

    I believe there was a Sir Humphrey line that went something like “Yes Minister, you only ever announce an enquiry after you determine the outcome……..”
    Pattoh uncovered this article linking George Soros to GetUp.

  4. The Renewable Energy label for wood is scientifically indefensible. The green story goes that you burn wood that releases CO2 to the air, the CO2 in the air is taken up by the new trees that grow where the old ones were harvested, so it’s renewable.
    Unfortunately, trees are made of more than carbon. They have necessary components of elements like potassium and phosphorus. If you harvest a tree, take it to a power station and burn it, you have also taken its load of K and P. If you do this for enough cycles, you will find that your trees will not grow so well, or finally at all as one or another depleted nutriments drops below the tree’s poverty line.
    To combat this, you need to fertilize, which makes them definitionally “non renewable”.

  5. Warwick

    This whole debacle is getting more & more like 1975.

    The resignation of Craig Thomson could precipitate a “Senator Fields like crisis” which may quickly degenerate into a round of finger pointing & arse covering resulting in a log-jam requiring a bit of Governor General Lumberjacking.

    Woo Hoo!

  6. There’s a new article on the Climate Conv Group blog www.climateconversation.wordshine.co.nz/2011/06/taxus-taxus-hurryup-and-taxus/
    about the Aussie pro carbon tax rallies:
    and I’ve made this comment there which (if you’ll allow Warwick) I’ll reproduce here:

    A message from a brainwashed Aussie

    Here in Aust there’s a lot of misinformation being fed to the public by the Govt and its agents (Climate Change Commissioner Tim Flannery and key Climate Advisor Ross Garnaut.) Ross Garnaut is an economist – go figure. The Climate Change Commission has just produced a report ‘The Critical Decade.’ You can see its report debunked by Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks, William Kininmonth at joannenova.com.au/2011/05/climate-commission-report-debunked/#more-15045
    and the report itself bears this disclaimer www.garnautreview.org.au/update-2011/garnaut-review-2011/summary-garnaut-review-2011.pdf
    This publication is produced for general
    information only and does not represent a
    statement of the policy of the Commonwealth
    of Australia or indicate a commitment to
    a particular policy or course of action. The
    views expressed in this paper are those of
    the author and do not necessarily reflect
    those of the Commonwealth of Australia. The
    Commonwealth of Australia and all persons
    acting for the Commonwealth of Australia
    preparing this publication accept no liability for
    the accuracy, completeness or reliability of or
    inferences from the material contained in this
    publication, or for any action as a result of any
    person’s or group’s interpretations, deductions,
    conclusions or actions in relying on this
    material. Before any action or decision is taken
    on the basis of this material the reader should
    obtain appropriate independent advice.

    If you had gone to a doctor for a birth control pill at the time thalidomide was on the market you would have expected medical advice if the product was not safe – and because it was not there were later class actions; same applied in the case of breast implants.

    Notwithstanding the disclaimer the Govt has seized upon the Report with enthusiasm as entirely showing the correctness of their proposed new tax.

    Angry voters however want an election – www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/angry-voters-want-election-before-carbon-tax/story-e6freuy9-1226069753915
    Most Australians believe the new tax will or could hurt them financially

    The Govt however spruiks the line that with the help of its brand new tax we’re each going to be better off – in fact $8,000 better off according to Treasury modelling – you can read about this here
    I haven’t seen the report yet so don’t know whether it carries a disclaimer

    Then there’s people worried about their jobs. No probs, there will be no labor market consequences, this report ‘How many jobs is 23,510 Really’ says the impact of the carbon tax on the mining industry will be “trivial” – so small that for practical purposes it will be “invisible,” according to one of Australia’s leading labour market economists; link to the report and critique here

    Then there’s the Govt’s other line regarding the labor market – yes you’ve heard it before – all those great new jobs in these great new green industries – no matter Spain and Italy have found for the creation of 1.5 green jobs there are 3 lost in the non green sector – there is selective deafness to that inconvenient truth

    Then there’s my personal problem – my ears are attacked daily by my mother who is every day beseiged by alarmist messages over the air waves – everything from diminution of polar bears, increasing sea heights, ocean acidification – the only thing the alarmists seem to be not commenting upon at the moment is warming cos it doesn’t seem to be happening

    Oh yes, I forgot to say the Govt is going to compensate us for cost of living changes

    Well happy days
    I (and the rest of Aust) will be in Nirvana as soon as this tax is introduced; the neighbour’s cat is marching past with its placard ‘Compensate me now’.

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