CRUT4 surface temperature grid box anomalies trend over Kenya compared to NASA satellites lower troposphere – the source of the David Attenborough 3.5° warming claim explained

A few days ago I posted – BBC exaggerated warming trend in David Attenborough’s TV show “Africa”. Well here is an explanation for the scary warming rates quoted by TV host David Attenborough. Satellites detect no significant warming over the gridbox covering the Kenyan localities mentioned in the Guardian story.

While CRUT4 surface data agrees pretty well with satellites up to about 1998 – after that the surface departs erratically much warmer, improving somewhat in 2012. I would bet the sheep station that the surface data will be at fault here, probably micro-site effects – note the increased data gaps too. Remember these anomalies are from the entire grid-box area – there will be individual stations better and worse.
Ironic that UNEP has HQ in Kenya. What does this say for CRUT4 quality control measures – big on published words – next to non-existent in reality.
Note data from KNMI Climate Explorer thanks.
Ed note 19 Feb – the original graphic was mistakenly made with data from a 5 x 10° grid box 5S to Equator and 30-40E. Should have been 35-40E. As the graphic is now. The CRUT4 data looked identical for the two grid areas but satellite numbers changed slightly as you would expect.

Weatherzone’s Dr Dutschke predictions of 40° in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne during mid- to late-February – how is that working out Dr Dutschke ?

A week ago I posted – February not turning out stellar hot so far – Weatherzone prediction fall flat on face so far – 6.8° out for Sydney
The SMH article of 4 Feb 2013 “Cool spell soon to be broken” – has the following quotes from Dr Dutschke of Weatherzone (a Joint Venture between the BoM and Fairfax).
[Beyond this week, more heat can be expected with weather models point to a hotter spell by mid- to late-February, Weatherzone’s Dr Dutschke said.
Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne could all see temperatures of 40 degrees from that second heatwave, he said.]
BoM forecasts out to 23 Feb – no heatwaves being forecast yet – but hey it is summer.

Still waiting to see any sign of your prediction coming to pass Dr Dutschke.

USA proposing a Carbon Tax that seems to be copying key parts of the Australian Carbon Tax

Just saw this on Anthony Watts – Boxer’s carbon tax proposal would enrich people already feeding from the public trough…
Note this quote – “It would impose a fee on carbon emissions at their source, such as coal mines, raising the price of fossil fuel energy.
But instead of giving the proceeds to the government, three-fifths of the money would be refunded to U.S. residents.”

Shades of GreenLabor in Canberra paying out Carbon Tax revenues to its low-income constituents and welfare recipients as “compensation” for rising electricity bills and other Tax impacts. We have all heard Labor figures gloating that they are “over-compensating”. Just another Socialist redistribution of the Nations wealth.
I only saw one commenter at Watts that picked up on the similarity to the Australian CTax.

Another classic use of basic temperature data to define UHI – this time the Phoenix AZ urban heat island

Just came across this concise article at the Arizona blog WryHeat – Urban heat island effect on temperatures, a tale of two cities – Authored by Jonathan DuHamel. We need more examples defining the UHI out there all the time to counter the colossal IPCC compliant propaganda.

Over a decade ago I posted this page – Phoenix AZ five degree grid cell
Had a quick look at it, graphics need improving but stands the test of time I think – an example of one of the great rorts in science.