Phoenix AZ five degree grid cell

This adjoins the Los Angeles grid cell to the east and the Jones 1994 stations shows an amazing change from the Jones et al 1991 station selection.
Jones et al 1991  did not use Phoenix, Tuscon or Yuma and their station notes for Tuscon University mentioned "..urban warming of 2-3 C".     So you would have to say that the Jones et al  1991 station selection for this grid cell  did not carry the usual extent of  UHI bias.

Come the Jones 1994 global revision all this changes and we find Phoenix / Sky Harbor, Tuscon and Yuma airports all included.  A glance at the station graphics for Jones 1994  shows that these three stations are the warming stars of the grid cell.
This graphic is done in greyscale because I am short of web space.  If anyone is interested I can email the spreadsheets.

How is it that the reviewers of the Jones 1994 paper failed to find this ridiculous insertion of non-climatic warming ?
To what extent were they mates & colleagues of Jones ?
Can the review system function in the case of  major papers backed by huge databases  where obviously reviewers have not got the time to look at the supporting data ?
Should the editor have declined to publish the work on the basis it was too large to adequately review and really constituted a book not a paper ?
Did any of these people give a thought to anything other than rubber stamping another edition of "global warming" for the IPCC ?
Or did the reviewers really believe that these rapidly warming airport trends truly represent regional climate trends ?

To round off this sorry tale of scientific bias the NASA / GISS homogeneity adjusted records are shown for the high warming stations inserted into Jones 1994.
In the case of  Phoenix, GISS have published a graphic showing the raw UHI affected trend, plus their corrections, then their final trend for Phoenix.
Clearly when the UHI affected records are adjusted against rural neighbours all significant warming vanishes.

Another nail in the coffin of the CRU / Jones et al / IPCC inspired "global warming".

The new NASA satellite image of the earth's night lighting shows  that all of the Jones 1994 stations in this grid cell are associated with illuminated urban areas, so probably are all contaminated by the UHI to some degree.
Clik here and go to the USA West image

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Posted 11, November, 2000, updated 12 & 17, January, 2001.

Warwick Hughes, 2000
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