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USA proposing a Carbon Tax that seems to be copying key parts of the Australian Carbon Tax

Just saw this on Anthony Watts – Boxer’s carbon tax proposal would enrich people already feeding from the public trough…
Note this quote – “It would impose a fee on carbon emissions at their source, such as coal mines, raising the price of fossil fuel energy.
But instead of giving the proceeds to the government, three-fifths of the money would be refunded to U.S. residents.”

Shades of GreenLabor in Canberra paying out Carbon Tax revenues to its low-income constituents and welfare recipients as “compensation” for rising electricity bills and other Tax impacts. We have all heard Labor figures gloating that they are “over-compensating”. Just another Socialist redistribution of the Nations wealth.
I only saw one commenter at Watts that picked up on the similarity to the Australian CTax.

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