Does Australia really need a foreign minister this diplomatic ?

Amazed as I was at the statements by the new Australian Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr – that Australia would have to “…organise the world to condemn and isolate Papua New Guinea…”.
Bob Carr
Carr was referring to reports of some differences of opinion from PNG re the timing of their next election – which I thought was entirely their internal business to discuss.
I have also been surprised there has been no call for Carr’s sacking – I mean how much more harmful could a foreign minister be ? I would have thought – open & shut case – gone – record shortest term as foreign minister. But our MSM is just so ingrained – knee jerk – dyed in the wool – pro GreenLabor – that our Bob is safe.
Picture from Sydney Morning Herald – Photo: Penny Bradfield

4 thoughts on “Does Australia really need a foreign minister this diplomatic ?”

  1. Lordy lordy I missed that over in the west …. do we want to wake up one day and find the Chinese Navy based in Torres Strait?
    This Gillard government just keeps on giving.

  2. There would be a vacancy in any normal Government, but who believes this is Government is normal?

  3. Gee & I had the feeling the ALP was fast-track grooming Bob to do a “Campbell Newman ” i.e. there would be a safe lower house seat vacated the instant an early election was precipitated to allow a Federal Cleanskin to lead into the next election as a future PM without ever having sat in the lower house.
    It is a pity Kevin is biding his time quietly out on the back bench. The historians in years could get plenty of material from a clash of those two egos.

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